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Welding services - Amir


All-inclusive specialty on-site welding services and fabrication, in addition to pipe design and installation, custom machining, valve repair, and several other services.

Construction services - Amir


Encompass everything from the initial site preparation and foundation laying to the construction of the building and final finishing touches.

HVAC services - Amir


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions to control the temperature, humidity, and purity of the air in an enclosed space.


Design, installation, maintenance, and professional repair of sewage, water, and drainage plumbing.

Fire detection services - Amir

Alarms and Fire detection

As well as being a legal obligation, they are essential for ensuring personal safety and preventing heavy material and financial losses for companies or local authorities.

Civil engineering services - Amir

Carpentry, Masonry, Painting and Civil Engineering

We offer a comprehensive range of expert services to help you achieve your business objectives with efficiency and sophistication.

Project Management

Through a collaborative process, our approach provides structure, direction, and accountability to ensure projects are properly planned and detailed well before construction begins.

Cleaning System

Tegras Partners

At Amir’s, we have partnered with Tegras Brand to provide specialized cleaning services that offer a comprehensive answer to the cleaning of kitchen exhaust systems and greatly enhance your ability to clean the exhaust fan, duct, hood, plenum, and filters in a timely and appropriate manner by using the TEGRAS method. Contact us to learn more.

Amir Construction and Services Bv Maintenance Welding and fabrication Painting

Relies on our experience to help you save time and money

Whether you’re starting a new construction or renovating spaces, we can help you optimize your resources. Let’s schedule a free call to learn more about your project.
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Amir Construction Services and maintenance

Let us inspire you for exceptional planning and clean execution of your commercial and industrial construction project in Curaçao Island and the Caribbean.

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